Share Your Boat Polars - Earn a 25% Rebate

Help us add more built-in polars to SailFast and earn a 25% rebate on your next purchase of SailFast or upgrade. Or if your last purchase was within 6 months, apply the rebate to that.

Submit your qualifying polars to

Terms And Conditions:

  1. SailFastLLC is the sole judge for determining if a submitted boat polar qualifies for a rebate.

  2. A polar will not qualify for a rebate if it is already included in SailFast or has previously been submitted by someone.

  3. Polars which do NOT qualify include: A35, Aerodyne 38, Aerodyne 43, Catalina 22, C&C 402 (DK), Beneteau First 36.7, Beneteau First 40.7, Beneteau Oceanis 351-352 (WK), Farr 40, J109, Quest33, Sabre362, and Sabre38-2

  4. Submitted polars must be in tabular format. Graphical polar diagrams are not sufficient.

  5. Polars are submitted with the understanding that they may be included in future SailFast releases.

  6. Limit of one rebate per customer.