New Version 9.2 Release June 2018. 

You may download  and install SailFast on your PC at any time, however to receive an activation key you must first purchase from this page. During the install process you will be directed to register Sailfast in order to activate it. The product license agreement entitles you to run on 2 PCs.

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SailFast Navigation Software Ver 9.X Download
Price: $269 plus applicable sales tax*

 Once purchased you may download Sailfast from the download page on this site. The download file contains all necessary files including a user manual. The download file is saved to your PC, then a typical Windows installation is performed. You may make copies of the download file or repeat the download as needed. You are limited to registering and running the program on two different PCs.

After your purchase is complete you will receive a confirmation email from service@paypal.com.

SailFast Ver 9.X Download,  Upgrade From Any Earlier Version
Price: $133 plus applicable sales tax*

This is the same as the normal download product, except discounted for previous customers. You will be asked to provide identification to qualify for this discount.

*6.25% Massachusetts sales-tax (Massachusetts residents only)