Cruising With SailFast.

Although SailFast grew out of a desire to improve offshore racing performance it is equally valuable for improving the safety and enjoyment of offshore cruising. We don't offer a special cruising version of SailFast. We think you will find all SailFast features useful.

Use SailFast to -

Our cruising customers comment:

"I will be using Sailfast for passage planning rather than racing. The 1st leg is from Brisbane-Australia to Auckland-New Zealand ..."

"I used sailfast with Saildocs gribs for passage planning purposes. It was very useful along the coasts of Mozambique and South Africa where you have the Aquilas current and southwest winds complicating passages. There timing is very important to get to next harbor as weather windows are normally at best 2 or 3 days." - Richard Kolomeychu, S/V Petite Ourse

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