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SailFast Ver 10.3.2

Installation & Activation Instructions -

Install Instructions (PDF document)

Please download the install instructions for the steps required for installation and activation. To register the product and complete the activation process you must first make a  purchase, or you can activate one time as a free 5 day demo. Limited features and blackout periods may apply.

The latest user manual may be downloaded from here. The manual is also included in the product install package. When running SailFast the manual can be accessed via the Help menu.

SailFast User Manual (PDF document)

Free Demo

If you aren't sure you are ready to purchase or you want to make sure SailFast runs properly on your Windows PC, a free demo is available for your evaluation. To access the demo simply download SailFast and follow the installation instructions. The demo activation key you will receive will allow you to run the program in demo mode for the next 5 days.

We encourage you to try the demo before you purchase. If you have any install problems or need help using the program, please email us at

The demo will normally be activated for 5 days from the time the activation code is sent to the user. Some of the demo features may be modified or limited. The demo is only intended for product evaluation prior to purchase, NOT for race use to avoid making a purchase. Black out periods corresponding to popular off-shore races may apply.

Previous Versions

These are previous versions of SailFast for customers who may need to download a copy.

SailFast Ver 9.2

SailFast Ver 8.0.3

SailFast Ver

SailFast Ver

SailFast Ver 5.2.4

SailFast Ver 4.0.2

SailFast Ver

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