"We used SailFast for our long distance races last year and will be using it again for this season. We're having the National J-35 races on the Great Lakes this year!!" - Dennis Peden, S/V Amante

"We had a great race and came 1st in our class. Sailfast was great and without it we would not have done so well, it was easy to use and even though we didn’t have the right polars it was still accurate." - Chris Mathews, UK [Transatlantic Tall Ships Race]

"I used your program in the last M-H race and loved it. It is simple, easy to use and updates quickly. Have you considered a version for the Newport to Bermuda race?" - JE, Concord MA

"The programs routing is pretty solid. We didn't have any difficult weather problems to solve though, so it was mostly fine tuning our course changes." - Scott Shaw-MacLaren, Navigator Vic-Maui 2012

"The guys made it within 22 miles of Montauk when the wind petered out. USCG was nice enough to go out and drag them in right before the storm got really bad. Boat and men all safe. I used SailFast throughout the entire time to track and provide time estimates. It was extremely useful. "
- W.K., Rowayton, CT

"I really liked the software on the Halifax last year and expect to use it again in 2007."
TS, Freeport Maine

"You have a great program!" - MB, Virginia Beach, VA

"Your program looks great ... the right price point for those of us that have limitations on spending!"
"I really like what you have done with the product and the planned enhancements..."

"We'll be purchasing sailfast shortly...we're preparing for the Charleston to Bermuda race"

"I've played with the demo, cool program."

"I will be using Sailfast for passage planning rather than racing. The 1st leg is from Brisbane-Australia to Auckland-New Zealand ..."

"Very cool !  Thanks. I can't wait to play with this."

Over 100 navigators have chosen SailFast for Marblehead to Halifax and Bermuda races.